Oasis Care Centre

Major upgrade for Oasis Care Centre

The Oasis Care Centre, which forms part of the Oasis Luxury Retirement Resort at Century City where a third apartment block has just been completed and is more than 90% sold, has undergone a multi-million rand upgrade to further enhance its five-star facilities.

The Care Centre offers hotel-style assisted living, long-term frail care, physical rehabilitation and a specialised Alzheimer’s/Dementia unit.

Care Centre Manager Lizzie Brill says the upgrade includes new lounge and dining facilities which open onto a landscaped internal courtyard for their long-term frail care residents.

“This will enable the ground floor section of the Oasis Care Centre to operate along more clearly defined lines between the two main categories of care it offers, namely short-term physical rehabilitation on the one hand and long term frail care on the other.”

The Physical Rehabilitation unit, she says, provides treatment to members of the broader public as well as residents in the resort.

“It is offered predominantly to patients covered by Medical Aids for post-operative recovery and rehabilitation, such as after hip and knee replacement as well as for recovery and rehabilitation from strokes and other medical trauma.

“Patients all have single private rooms with a TV bouquet and en suite toilets and are treated by an in-house doctor as well as a multi-disciplinary team of therapists covering a broad spectrum of physical rehabilitation.”

The upgrade allows for separate dining and lounge areas as well as a sun room for the Physical Rehabilitation patients. In addition a large new reception and admin area is being provided on the ground floor.

Brill said these new facilities were being completed on a phased basis with all work due for completion by end July.

The Oasis Care Centre is one of the first facilities in the Western Cape to obtain an Adult Mental Health licence for its Alzheimer’s/Dementia wing, and is a leader in its field.

Work completed to date also includes the conversion of under-utilised space on the first floor into a large and bright new lounge area for the Alzheimer’s/Dementia wing which is able to accommodate up to 40 residents as well as carers and friends and family of patients. This wing now takes up the entire first floor.

“We have had wonderful response from residents and family members to the beautiful furnishing designed and co-ordinated by Sandi Kiss of Fine Linen Interiors The magnificent new facilities will enable us to carry out our mission to offer the best possible care while we ensure that each resident or patient enjoys his or her life to the fullest potential in a 5-star luxury environment,” says Brill.

She added that the Care Centre also offers modern attractive Assisted Living rooms and suites where residents can lead more independent lifestyles but still have plenty of daily back up and care by a dedicated team should they need.

For further details on the Oasis Care Centre please contact Lizzie Brill on 021 528 7301.